Dynamic multi-media creators

We are a dynamic multi‑media company based in Toulouse (France).
Founded in 2011, we have delivered industry leading AR/VR/XR experiences to clients such as Airbus, Stellantis, Siemens and GA smart buildings.
Today we are focused on the next generation of visualisation technologies, allowing more immersive e‑learning and interactive applications.


Where the story begins

Our talented team of 3D artists is capable of simply visualising the most complex technical subjects.
Their background in mechanical engineering allows for an efficient client/supplier workflow.
Trained in data optimisation we create highly optimised assets for our real‑time applications.


Imagination comes to life

Our experienced development team develops native applications for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.
Implementing our custom iControl Content Management Solution and Cube realtime rendering technology.
Their expertise in Bluetooth and wide‑band communication protocols enables state‑of‑the‑art multi‑user experiences.


Happily ever after

Digitalblend services delivers predictive and active maintenance for the longtime support of our solutions.
Enabling a complete packaged solution for creative application development, deployment and production.


Pandora’s box

iControl is our next generation Content Management System.
Allowing effortless and secured management of our application eco‑system.
Our 3rd revision contains 10 years of innovation and client requested improvements.